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How to Spot Counterfeit Oakley Designer Frames

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Oakley sunglasses and glasses frames are some of the most popular available. If you are going to be spending the money on these frames, you want to make sure that you get the real deal. There are ways to spot the difference between real and fake products, so you can tell if the pair you have is genuine. Some of the counterfeits are getting better and they are everywhere, so before you drop hard-earned money, make sure you do your research.

Price: Counterfeit Oakleys are Often Super Cheap!

If it seems too good to be true, then it probably is. It’s a common saying, but it applies in this case. Remember that Oakleys are designer frames — these are premium glasses. Used or older Oakleys are going to cost at least $50, and new ones will be in the $80 – $100+ range. This is going to depend on the model, so if you see a price online, check the retail price and see what other ones are going for.

Other Ways to Spot Counterfeit Oakley Glasses

Oakley sport sunglasses.

If you already have a pair of Oakleys, there are a few things you can look for.

Marks on Lenses

Limited editions will have something other just polarization, or prizm, on the lenses. Oakley, however, will not print its icon – either the rounded or square “O” – on the lenses, and this is a clue that they are fake. This only applies to non-prescription lenses.

In addition, you should not see any visible film on your lenses, including peeling effects. If it looks like there are layers to the lens or if there is one type of material coming off of the lens and revealing another type of material beneath, there’s a fair chance that your lenses are not authentic and may warrant closer examination, at the least.


The SKU is an identification number that you can use to determine if they are real. For older Oakleys, the SKU will be a sequence of 2 numbers, then a dash followed by 3 numbers. Many newer models have a OO, four numbers, a dash, and then two more numbers. There are some exceptions, but if your new Oakleys have a SKU that is wildly off, they may be fake. You can plug your SKU into a search engine and see what pop ups. Some fakers are using real SKUs on their glasses, but they don’t match up with model. For example, your glasses may have a SKU for Holbrooks, but you purchased Straight Jackets.

Paint Issues

Whether you’re looking at eyeglasses or sunglasses, fakes will often have the color painted on and lack a topcoat to seal it, so the paint will often chip, scratch, or flake easily. Real Oakleys with plastic frames use pre-dyed plastic, so the color is the same throughout and doesn’t chip.

Incorrect Logo Placement

It’s important to note where the Oakley logo is on the real frames you want to buy. Sometimes, counterfeits will just put the Oakley logo on without thinking about the placement for those particular models. If yours have Oakley over the nose bride and the ones on the Oakley site don’t, then those are fake. Holbrooks and Frogskins are very popular knockoff styles and they often have the wrong logo placement.

Low-Quality Material

For the styles that only come in one material, you can easily tell if they are fake. Plastic Juliets are inauthentic, as are a metal pair of Oil Rigs. However, the Juniper line has both metal and plastic options, so you would have to dive a little deeper into those.

For the most part, trust your gut. Some high-quality fakes may be very convincing, but if your Oakleys seem blatantly cheap or flimsy, then there’s a good chance that they’re fake. Oakleys are high-quality glasses made to last for years and years. Authentic Oakleys will feel right!

Raised Seams

With counterfeits, there will be an imperfect finish that you can feel with your finger. With genuine Oakleys, the same should be almost imperceptible.


Real Oakleys won’t have an adhesive sticker that will leave residue when it’s removed.

Glasses That Don’t Look Like They Are Made by Oakley

Die-hard Oakley fans will be able to tell if a style of eyeglasses, sunglasses, or sports glasses seems off. Even if you aren’t a die-hard Oakley fan, however, you can still do an image search to see if the style pops up. If it doesn’t come up on any legitimate sites, it’s probably fake.

In order to ensure you are getting real Oakleys, it’s important to buy them from a reputable location. Eye Care Center of Colorado Springs has a great selection of Oakley frames available for your choosing, and you can rest assured that they are the real deal.

Written by Eye Care Center of Colorado Springs

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