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How to Spot Counterfeit Ray-Ban Designer Frames

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Ray-Ban frames are some of the coolest in the game.

Few designer products reach the high level of ‘cool’ and desirability that Ray-Ban designer frames have. The popularity of their products has spawned an entire industry devoted to manufacturing copy cats. When we are investing in high-quality, stylish sunglasses, we want to know that we are spending our money wisely. When you are shopping for frames or sunglasses, there are several indicators that will confirm the ones that you are looking at are genuine Ray-Ban products. As Ray-Ban frames are frequently counterfeited, the company has taken extra steps so that customers can confidently purchase genuine products.

Counterfeit Ray-Ban Packaging

The first step is to check the packaging the Ray-Bans come in. While it is possible to receive a forged product in a genuine box, it is a good place to start. The box should be sturdy with high quality printing. There will be two bar codes representing the model name/lens and the serial number. The sunglasses case will have a seamless construction out of high quality leather. The Ray-Ban logo will be printed in gold or black. If the logo appears light, flaky, or easily rubbed off, it’s a fake. The interior felt lining of the case will either be red or black, depending on the model. The logo will be on the case closure button. Also inside the package, the company includes a seamless, branded cleaning cloth with the logo in red on the bottom right side. A booklet, “The Icons” with the manufacturer’s notes and additional information, will be included. The printing should be high quality. Lastly, if the glasses are wrapped in a plastic sleeve, they are most likely counterfeits.

Inspecting the Glasses

One of the first giveaways of fake designer glasses frames is in the weight — or lack thereof. Ray-Ban frames have a sturdy feel with a little weight from the interior metal construction. Frames entirely made out of plastic don’t have this feel. Models with clear arms, such as the Clubmaster Squares, will make inspection of this structure easier. Next, look at the tint of the lens. It should be even. The lens will also have a high-quality static sticker with the Ray-Ban logo and lens type printed on it. An adhesive sticker will be a sign of a fake. The Ray-Ban logo will be etched on the top left of the glasses. If it can be scratched off, the frames aren’t genuine. ‘RB’ will also be etched on the bottom right of the frames next to the hinge. Frames produced prior to 2000 will have the Bausch & Lomb logo, ‘B&L’ etched there. In all instances, it’s important to assure that these etches are the correct logo, font and not simply printed on which are signs of forgery.

Inspect the Hinges

Ray-Bans are manufactured with metal hinges, never plastic ones. This is a quick way to spot a fake. Models manufactured before 2010 with have hinges with seven fingers. Those created after 2010 have metal hinges with three fingers. The hinges on Aviator models are attached with metal Phillips head screws. Hinges should never appear glued on. They should be properly embedded into the frame structure.

Ray-Ban models with nose pads will have a tiny ‘RB’ etched under the clear resin. Aviator models will also have the size code etched on the nose bar. The code, along with ‘RB’ logo and model number, will also be located inside the left temple arm. Inside the right temple arm, the ‘Made in Italy’ and ‘CE’ will be etched. Ray-Bans with thin arms, including some of the Aviators, may not have this. Lastly, check the logo on the temple. It shouldn’t appear glued on.

Last Word

With a little attention, you can confidently purchase quality Ray-Ban products that will give you many years of enjoyment. Note that purchasing counterfeits to save money will give you an inferior product. The low quality, non-UV lens of fakes can be harmful to your eyes over time. The physicians and staff at the Eye Care Center of Colorado Springs work to preserve and enhance their patients’ vision. That is why they proudly offer genuine Ray-Ban products as well as many other brands and styles of 100% genuine prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses. Dr. Reed Bro and Dr. Sara Whitney have over 32 years of professional experience. Their range of expertise includes, eye exams and contact lenses. They also offer laser eye surgery with full preoperative and postoperative care.

Written by Eye Care Center of Colorado Springs

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