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How to Choose Your Eye Doctor

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Are you having a harder time reading street signs these days? Or perhaps the newspaper? It may be time to see an eye doctor.

Selecting an eye doctor is important and can be a little intimidating. Just as you would want a good general physician to be your family doctor, so too do you want to select a good optician.

The type of doctor you want to select may depend on your overall eye health. For example, if you have complicated eye diseases or problems, you may want to see an eye specialist. For most people, you’ll want to see an optometrist for your basic eye needs.

Different Kinds of Eye Doctors

An optometrist is trained to detect the diseases and malformations that occur in the eye. While they cannot perform surgeries to correct diseases, most optometrists work with patients on various vision problems and prescribe eyeglasses or contacts to help with vision.

An optician often works with optometrists to deliver eye care services such as fitting glasses and contact lenses. They hold a two year degree and can interpret a prescription to help you find the best lenses to fit your individual needs.

The Right Doctor for You

Here at Eye Care Center of Colorado Springs, we have the best doctors with strong credentials and years of experience. Our staff is very experienced in the kinds of services that you need, and are happy to provide certificates and credentials upon request.

When selecting a doctor, recommendations can help you narrow down the options. We are proud that our doctors come highly recommended by other family doctors and by our current patients. We pride ourselves in our service and quality of care, and that work is reflected in how often we get new patients by word of mouth.

You can be confident that our eye care specialists have the training and experience needed to provide top of the line care for you and your family. We pride ourselves in our friendly, approachable demeanor and the top quality attention and care we give to each patient.

Questions for your Eye Doctor

When you have an appointment with the doctor, it’s important to ask some questions to get a better handle on the quality and type of care the doctor will provide. Our staff is always happy to answer any questions you may have. You may want to determine how long a doctor has been in practice. Experience matters, as a doctor with more experience would be better at diagnosing your problem simply because he or she is more likely to have encountered it before. Our staff all has years of experience.

You may also have questions regarding insurance. It is important to make sure that your insurance is accepted to help prevent any issues down the line regarding billing. We take many forms of insurance and are always happy to work with all patients in finding the best solution and care possible.

Assessing the Doctor

After the appointment, it’s good to run down a list of questions to help you evaluate the doctor. Did you have to wait a long time? It may be useful to know average waiting times before the next appointment. Did you feel the doctor was thorough? A good doctor should make you feel at ease while covering all the concerns. You don’t want to leave feeling rushed. Did the doctor listen to your questions and answer them thoroughly? Just as important as a doctor’s credentials is their ability to listen and communicate clearly with you, the patient. And did you feel comfortable? This is very important. You need to like and trust your doctor, as staying with a doctor you do not like will most likely result in a reluctance to schedule visits.

If a doctor didn’t meet your expectations, please do let us know. We are constantly striving to improve our services and provide you with the best care possible. Your eye health is a key part of your overall well-being. We are happy to be the doctors you trust.

Written by Eye Care Center of Colorado Springs

Our beautiful office is located in a historic building. Built in 1902, the building was originally used as a carriage house until it was acquired in the 1930s by the Van Dyke Motor Company and turned into a repair shop for Studebaker vehicles. As a nod to the building’s past, the original Van Dyke sign remains in place to this day. The original 12-foot sliding barn doors, integral for carriage house operations, now separate our retail space from our clinical space.
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