Eye Care Center of Colorado Springs

The Latest in Eye Care Treatment and Technologies

Eye Care Center of Colorado Springs has the primary goal to preserve and improve your precious gift of vision. To accomplish this we provide each of our patients with an unequaled eye care experience. With comprehensive eye exams and the latest technology in specialty contact lenses, laser vision correction pre – and post – operative care, high performance lightweight spectacle lenses, and premium quality designer eyeglass frames, we invite you to experience the Art of Vision Care at Eye Care Center of Colorado Springs.

As specialists in contact lens exams and contact lens fittings, we provide and sell lenses of all types, including lenses for specialty and hard to fit wearers and we work with most health insurance companies. At Colorado Eye Care Center we individually fit lenses to each wearer using the newest and most advanced equipment available.

Specialty Lenses? No Problem!

Fitting of contact lenses for hard to fit wearers are an emphasis of care at the Eye Care Center of Colorado Springs. For people who may find contact lenses are a hard fit, the staff at our contact lens clinic is glad to help you. We are the area’s most recognized provider of eye exams for specialty lenses for many conditions, including myopia, keratoconus, CRT lenses, and astigmatism. We also work with post-Lasik cases, PRK, Radial Keratotomy, and other special corneal conditions. For these cases, our contact lens fitting is done carefully, with special equipment and technologies not often found in most eye care practices.